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>> bike without bags is like car without trunk <<

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Czech rep. via Romania to Bosnia and back on bicycle
(summer 2007)


more information and actual SMS diary - on a special page

PF 2008 - contains lot of photos from this journey


From Czech rep. via Lithuania to Ukraine and back on bicycle 
(summer 2006)
Map of 3 journeys


Country km nights
Poland 1138  14 
Russia (Kaliningrad area) 226  3
Lithuania 778 10
Latvia 80 1
Belarus 360 4
Ukraine 406 5
Slovakia 401 3
Czech republic 295 2

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Along Elbe to Hamburg and via Denmark back to Czech rep.
(summer 2005)

You can see photogallery from expedition with czech description.  

Map of route - including route 2004


Kilometers in countries
 - by stages


 Czech rep. 1.   538,2
 Germany 1.   1147,3  
 Denmark  64,2
 Germany 2.   665,3
 Poland  410,2
 Czech rep. 2.   1,9

Kilometers in countries
 - sums


 Germany    1812,6 
 Czech rep.   540,1
 Poland  410,2
 Denmark  64,2



SMS diary:

I use products of Czech companies Rubena, Vella, Sportarsenal.

More info in Czech version only.

From Czech republic to Monaco and back in 36 days
(summer 2004)

When from 27th June to 2nd August 2004
(about five weeks)


Where and how long 3700.9 km
Czech republic  - Austria - Italy - Switzerland - Italy - France - Monaco - France - Switzerland - Germany - Czech republic 


How On bicycle with bags only, without car.


More Five weeks I was tramping through Europe on bicycle. From Czech to state border Austria/Italy we were one group of 7 bikers. After that we were split into two groups. These groups we mixed sometimes - in dependence on requests for course of route.

In Monaco we visited Oceanographic museum and I visited car museum of Prince of Monaco. GP circuit in Monaco I have passed in 6x slower time than formula. In normal traffic, with bags, of course. And "one way" street obstructed my ride.

Last big splitting we did in Switzerland, then I went alone to home through Germany. In Munich I spent all day in "Deutches Museum" (technical museum).

Two fellows went to home on bikes, via Austria. Four fellows went by train through Germany.

I went on bike Author Reflex SX (product of Czech company, designed in Czech, but produced in Taiwan), with rear and front bags. Much of my equipment was made in Czech republic. Weight of bicycle with bags was little more than 40 kg.

I use(d) czech tyres and tubes Rubena (tyres V58 Cobra) and products of company Vella.

More text information is in czech version :).


Statistics & pictures

Kilometers per countries


Italy 880
Germany 735
Czech rep. 650
Austria 590
France + Monaco  538
Switzerland 312
Map of journey



I passed this passes - showed passes higher than 2000 metres only
Date Country Pass Elevation (metres) (feets)
3rd July Austria Gross Glockner 2571 8435
5th July Italy Passo Giovo 2094 6870
7th July Italy Passo dello Stelvio more than 2758 9048
11th-15th July Italy,France,Monaco along the the sea coast 0 0
16th July France Col de Bonette 2802 on bike (the highest European road)
2862 afoot, pushing bicycle in terrain

Wallpaper Col de Bonette
Other pictures

My first pass - Austria - Grossglockner 2571 m France - Col de Bonette - road with the highest elevation in Europe - 2802 m Col de Bonette 2862 m Col de Bonette 2862 m Austria - very near meeting with local animals detail of bike with bags (on demarcation line at Czech rep.) multilingual information table at demarcation line Monaco - finish of Grand Prix circuit something for informatics - Austria - tunell used in PC game Need for speed I


I use products of Czech companies Rubena, Vella, Sportarsenal.
I use gloves Sadaat Seven.