Martin Adamek

(bicycle) From Czech rep. via Lithuania to Ukraine and back on bicycle

Actual information from journey

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you can hear part of Czech song "Tramp's morning" at the background


Summer  2006

About journey I go independently on the bicycle with bags, I sleep in nature, all what I need I carry along on bike.

plan of journey
radio - Czech only
SMS diary from journey


Plan of journey

Planned harmonogram:
 - start 29th June 2006
 - arrival at begin of august 2006

Planned route:
 - Nachod - Poland - Kaliningrad area of Russia - Lithuania - Belarus - Ukraine - Slovakia - Czech Republic - Nachod

Map of previous journeys (jpg 176 kB)



I use products from/of companies:

Bedimex Nachod, CZ - bicycle shirt and trousers, printing
R&B Medilek Zacler, CZ - bicycle bottles
Coleman and Campingaz - tent, cooker
Rubena Nachod, CZ - tyres, tubes
Sportarsenal Lysa n.Labem, CZ - bags, holders
Sadaat Seven Pakistan - gloves

Radio - Czech only


I make radio reports via phone, for Czech Radio Hradec Kralove. But it is Czech only, of course.


SMS diary

I am trying send actual information to the web via SMS, daily during journey.
The oldest messages are at the bottom. Date and time of report will be shown in hint, if you stay with mouse cursor on the message.

Function "add message" is not enabled, I do not have acces to the internet during journey. I send reports via SMS.



You can type me to the address martin a  t or leave memo at guest book. But I don't have acces to the internet during the journey.

If you send me an e-mail and I do not respond until half of august, resend me that message please !!!
(My e-mailbox failed during journey along Elbe river at summer 2005. I noticed it after my arrival to home, and the most of messages was lost !)

I do not read e-mail messages during way, I do not have access to the internet. Mobile phone I carry switched off. If you need to contact me during journey, send me a SMS. I switch on mobile phone ca. 3 times a day.

Martin Adamek,, Czech Republic, Nachod