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Planned american radar in Czech Republic – Halloween in central Europie:

Planned american radar in Czech Republic – Halloween in central Europie (source: Greenpeace CZ, Cyberaktivism)

Oliviero Toscani for Benetton:

Bloody uniform (authentic - it's user didn't survive) Army cemetry

Billboard of Bernard - "World ran mad. Keep it up... "


Taty - photos from 24th February 2003
 - Yulia & Yelena in T-shirts "Хуй войне!" = "f..k the war"


Delta 1/5 
- photos taken by US soldiers in Vietnam, I have sorted it:

They could by normal people...

But they are soldiers...


They suffer...

When Jeep run on a mine Funeral truck Funeral truck Thanks mum for the first aid supplies

And make sufferance to others...
(photos of dead americans and enemys I sorted by estimation - it doesn't matter)

     Blood bath   Just show off...   Yeah, you are hero... Grave  

And commit atrocity...
 - knowingly here are not previews
 - amiss before mess, at mess, after mess
 - viewing at your own risk 

child remains dead one isn't enough dead remains

...I can't understand, that things at photos at the bottom were committed by people at photos up.


Reflections, texts, opinions


 - From some czech forum: 
"Bombing for piece is like for virginity"

Unfortunately I don't have more english texts, so you can send it me.




Names, stories and faces of statistics
 - American website about killed soldiers - names, deals, photos

Various sites:
Oliviero Toscani Italian photographer, antiwar and antis racism themes
 - finance cost of war
World hello day 21st November  - Official site - Letters from politics
 - humanitarian organisation ADRA 


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