Martin Adámek
Programmer, teacher, bicycle traveller, author

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Web applications (SQL databases)

Relational databases (SQL), web applications, web apps, dynamic websites.
Senior PHP programmer and architect of database oriented on-line applications.
HTML and CSS coding of responsive websites, accessible for visually impaired, blind and amblyopic (sandblind) users. Semantic code for good SEO.
Precision, carefulness and various little features for better usability, users' comfort, ergonomy, UX.


Czech Lessons (for Poles)

Tutor classes (private lessons) of Czech language for foreigners with Czech native speaker (speaking also Polish and English). I live in Náchod (Hradec Králové region).



References and testimonials from my students and clients



Study, courses and certificates



On-line (e‑mail, skype),
Meziměstí, Náchod, …


My books

Nonfiction books, which I have written. (Spam, HEMS)


Own production

Results of my own production - mostly available free of pay for reading, viewing or download.



Movies, which I have filmed and cutted – free download.



Activities which I deal with (at least sometimes).


Formerly: UHK-FIM (teaching)

Archive: Information for my foreign students at University of Hradec Králové, Faculty of Informatics and Management.


Passive interests

Topics, which I am interested in, but I apply myself to it almost on this web only.



Vans, microbuses, minibuses, ambulances and other utility vehicles. Overview of types – presence and history. Photogallery.


Spelling alphabet

Table with Czech, International (English), Slovak, and Polish spelling alphabet (telephone alphabet, radio alphabet). Tables for letters and for digits.


Website & author

Information about this web and its author. Thus „imprint” or „about”…


About me (what do I do)

Ing. Martin Adámek, Náchod – brief information about activities


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

My Professional Curriculum Vitae



Brief sitemap of English version of this website


About Czech Republic

Information about Czech Republic, Czechia.



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For a distraction

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For a muse

Our language is wise: It makes essential difference between „I am sure” and „I have made sure”.
[Karel Čapek]