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which I have written


I have written books in Czech language only, so just brief information follows.


Subtitle (translated to EN):
how not to call in, not to receive and not to distribute unsolicited e-mail
jak nepřivolávat, nepřijímat a nerozesílat nevyžádanou poštu
Ing. Martin Adámek
16×24 cm, 168 pages
Grada (CZ)
Date of publish:
20th November 2008


Helicopter EMS (HEMS)

Title (translated to EN):
How does helicopter emergency medical service work
Jak funguje letecká záchranka
Ing. Martin Adámek
Expert advisers:
MUDr. Anatolij Truhlář
Ing. Jan Velička
Anatolij Truhlář, Otto Bórik, Pavel Forst, Martin Adámek, Milan Martinec, Jan Velička, Martin Pojar, Valerián Spusta, Eurocopter, archive of LZS Hradec Králové and LS Policie ČR
Author of photo on the jacket:
Jiří Svatoš
17x24,3 cm; 96 fullcolour pages
Computer Press (CZ)
Date of publish:
November 2010

HEMS is described at large by indepth reportage from point of view of lot of branches in this book.
I have visited heliport of HEMS more times, book was arising by longterm cooperation with expert advisers, I have eked out the book also with materials from another Czech and foreign authors (photos, graph, movies).


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