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Scripts and functions in PHP (+ SQL, JS)

PHP: Explode function alternative

PHP: Script for substitution of explode function - allows to split a string by words and save them as an array elements (values). This algorithm (in comparison to explode function) allows to set whole array of delimiters at once (dot, exclamation mark, question mark, etc.) and keep an information about them.


PHP: Random sample of images

PHP function for random selection of requested number of files (or all) having entered extensions from entered directory at the server (webhosting). Typically for selection and insertion of needed number of random images.


PHP: Recalculate image size

PHP function for calculation of new size of image due to limits for maximal width and height. Keeps aspect ratio.



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Our language is wise: It makes essential difference between „I am sure” and „I have made sure”.
[Karel Čapek]