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TNPW1 – Technologies for Web Publishing 1


Organisation information


  1. Lecture 1 (Formát .pps 46 KiB)
  2. Lecture 2 (Formát .pps 50 KiB)
  3. Lecture 3 (Formát .pps 47 KiB)
  4. Lecture 4 (Formát .pps 44 KiB)
  5. Lecture 5 (Formát .pps 66 KiB)
  6. Lecture 6 (Formát .pps 65 KiB)
  7. Lecture 7 (Formát .pps 52 KiB)
  8. Lecture 8 (Formát .pps 61 KiB)

Author of lecture ppt presentations is Ing. V.Freylich (jiný web, nový panel).

Other study content

A few very basic rules for making of static website

  • Name file with main page of site "index.htm" or "index.html"
    • so page at file "something/index.htm" will be available at address "something/" or "something"
  • Do not use dangerous characters (like space, capital letters, letters with national diacritic) in names of files and folders (ergo in URL/address/link)
  • Use easily visible title of site and title of page at top part of each page
    • name of page will be in tag h1
    • name of main page can be simply substituted by name of site
  • Use consistent navigation
    • the same place and style of the menu and headers at each page of the website
  • Define alternative text (tag alt) for images
  • Really resize images used in page (edit file with image using graphic editor) – attributes width and height in an xhtml code has to be equal to real size of image
  • Keep color contrast (big enough colour difference) between text and background
  • Insert a link to an xhtml validator into each page,
    • check validity of each page (checking of an (X)HTML validity is separate, always for one page – not for whole site)
    • correct errors (always solve the first error at list only; then recheck validity and continue with new first error from new list)

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For a distraction

- Why „dark” is spelled with „K”, not with „C”?
- Because you can not C in the dark.


For a muse

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.
[Bertrand Russell]