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Czech Lessons for Foreigners
(online via Skype; Mezimesti; at client's place – Broumov, Walbrzych, Nachod, Kudowa, …)
in Polish or English


I offer a private lessons, tutor classes
and internal company lessons:

Czech language for foreigners.
Especially for people who speak Polish.

Czech native speaker

I am Czech native speaker.
I was also studying teaching of Czech language for Czech students at university.
I speak Polish fluently, I speak English, I have elementary knowledge of Russian language and I know some rules of another European languages.

Czech for Polish speakers

I live at Czech state border with Poland,
I am specialist in teaching of Czech language for Polish speakers.
But I could teach also another foreigners in English if necessary.

Czech for Ukrainian people

I am prepared to start to teach Czech language for Ukrainian.
There is lot of similar rules in Polish and Ukrainian languages, so my long-term practice in teaching of Czech language for Polish speakers can be useful for teaching of Czech language for Ukrainian.

Czech for programming, ICT, technology, linguists, …

My typical target group are programmers or another analytical people who like to think – people from ICT or technology generally, linguists, statisticians, accountants, lawyers, scientists, etc.
But it is not a requirement :)

Basic info

Czechia, Náchod, Meziměstí

I teach on-line via Skype.

I stay in Meziměstí,
near to Broumov,
district Náchod.


My price is based on time and distance,
it does not depend on number of students,
so you can share lesson and its costs with more people which you find, if you want.

I use a book "Do you want to speak Czech?" (jiný web, nový panel)
But I teach also without a book. It depends on student's choice.

I am available for lessons generally from afternoon to late evening;
day and time depends on arrangement related to our possibilities.
It is possible to order and arrange always just one next lesson, if you will want to continue; it is not necessary to order any long-term cooperation.

More info

Newer and more detailed info is at Polish version and Czech version of this page.
If you do not understand Czech or Polish, contact me for more info.


Czech language

  • Mother tongue (native speaker)
  • I have studied cca. first two years of study programme Teaching of Czech language for (Czech) High Schools at Faculty of Education, University of Hradec Králové
  • I have written (and published) 2 books and some articles of various branches
  • I was cooperating with Czech radio
    (public radio, where correct using of language is very important; not like on commercial stations)

Pedagogy (adult education)

Other languages

  • Polish language (actively)
    • knowledge of Polish realia
    • focus on teaching of Czech language for Polish speaking people
    • more information at Czech or Polish version of this page
  • English (actively)
  • Basics of Russian language (passively)
  • Few words of German and Spanish (unusable very beginner level)



  • Residence and the most often occurance: Náchod (Královéhradecký kraj = Hradec Králové region, Czech Republic)
  • Often occurance: Hradec Králové (Czech Republic)
  • I can arrive to another place, after pre-arrangement.


  • Type to martin a- _  t
    (please type your Czech cell-phone number too, if you can; for faster communication)

Informatics (IT, ICT)

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