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My time
(philosophic-action video-clip)


spring 2005


Video-clip is about fight against time in situations, which someone meets rarely, but for someone are daily commonplace…

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Basic information

Video-clip based on song „Můj čas” (My time), soundtrack from Czechoslovak TV serial „Sanitka” (Ambulance).

Mission Project was made as third seminary work during studying of Videoproduction course at FIM UHK.
Length 3:13
Type With actors
Format Digital – DV
Production year Spring 2005 (6th semester)
Prize Videofestival „S vámi nás baví svět!” (organizer i.a. Handicap lyceum Praha) – honorable mention

Texts – documents (Czech only)

  1. Theme (Formát .doc 22 KiB)
  2. Original technical scenario (Formát .xls 50 KiB), used for shooting – does not correspond with final cutting
  3. Final technical scenario (Formát .xls 44 KiB) – edited after final cutting (and shortened, without notes for shooting)
  4. Production document (Formát .doc 23 KiB) – final summary of work, necessary part of school project

Photogallery and images

Photos from shooting 19th May 2005

Shooting of left forward wheel of ambulance during drive
Shooting of left forward wheel of ambulance during drive
Shooting of left forward wheel of ambulance during drive

Shooting of some scenes on the run demanded lot of enthusiasm


Disc cover and printing



  • MUDr. Anatolij Truhlář
  • Miroslav Věříš
  • Ladislav Valenta
  • Martin Adámek
  • Dita Prokopcová
  • Laerdal Skillmaster

Expert adviser/story consultant

  • MUDr. Anatolij Truhlář


  • Luboš Balcar

Theme, scenario, production, graphics, sound, cutting, direction

  • Martin Adámek

Better description is in Production document (Formát .doc 23 KiB) (Czech only)


I have used song „Můj čas” from serial „Sanitka” in the video-clip.

Music Petr a Pavel Orm
Lyrics Zdeněk Borovec
Singing Hana Zagorová, Petr Kotvald, Stanislav Hložek

Thanks to

Emergency medical service of Královéhradecký region (jiný web, nový panel) for team-work during shooting.

Download full version for free

Format wmv – watchable quality – for PC (Formát .wmv 16 MiB)

  • size of file 16,4 MiB
  • video 640x480 px
  • sound stereo, 16bits, 44kHz

Format wmv – very low quality – for mobile phone (Formát .wmv 1.2 MiB)

  • size of file 1,2 MiB (méně, než by měl stejně dlouhý mp3 soubor se samotným zvukem)
  • video 160x120 px
  • sound mono, 16bits, 8kHz

English subtitles .sub (Formát .sub 4 KiB)

YouTube – play in the browser

YouTube (jiný web, nový panel)

(C) UHK-FIM (jiný web, nový panel), another distribution is not allowed.

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